Buy in Haste

Regret in Leisure

on 2010-07-12 Tony Pitale wrote

Recently, I demonstrated Vision to a partnership who had just taken over a store. Their experience in retail was limited and their requirements were no more extensive than “We want good Inventory Control”. As successful business people (albeit in other ventures) they knew that they would have to make changes in order to increase traffic at the store and realize the investment they had made. They had watched the business for several months and were finally ready to talk.

As I reviewed the functions of the system – customer tracking, intelligent purchasing and employee accountability that they had not considered, I could see their interest increase. It got to a point where they interrupted the conversation, saying, “We’ve seen much more than we want and exactly what we need. This addresses our urgent requirements and establishes our vision for the future.” (I liked the pun).

Often, prospects have a specific set of objectives in mind when they look for a POS system for their liquor store. Usually, these are basic in nature, ranging from Inventory Control to Financial Accounting. These are functions that can be satisfied by any POS system out there. The problem here is that what the prospects want are only the tip of the iceberg.

By understanding the potential in the information you collect and exploring methods in using that data to expand your marketing efforts, you can leverage simple Point-of-Sale transactions into a growth vehicle for your store. Look beyond the immediate needs of a POS system to the potential that lies in features that may not be a priority today but will turn out to benefit you in the future. The cost may be slightly higher but it will keep you from outgrowing the system and being forced to explore alternative solutions tomorrow.

“Buy in haste, regret in leisure”