Annual Software Release Plan

General Tips for Keeping Your Point-Of-Sale System Fresh

on 2010-07-27 Tony Pitale wrote

Well, it’s a snowy day in New Jersey and I’m sitting in the service area getting my car repaired. Fortunately, they have computers, so the time will pass by quickly.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, it is important to keep it in good running condition, especially in these shaky economic times. Strange advice from a software company, I know but, stick with me.

Your computer system is like that as well. In order to keep your Point of Sale (POS) in good working condition, you need to pay attention to several components. Innovative Computer Solutions provides you with top-of-the-line parts, superior training, and support long after your system has been installed. But there are other details to pay attention to as time goes on.

The hardware/software aspect of your retail liquor POS was meant to last beyond the typical life-cycle. This applies to both the computers and peripherals. By keeping your version current through the Annual Software Release Program, you not only receive new features but you also receive bug fixes. In many situations before you are even aware of the presence of the bug.

There is another component that needs to be kept in good working order - the folks that operate your system and utilize the tools that Vision has to offer. While they are trained when the system is first installed, the evolution of Vision has resulted in many new features that they may not be aware of and functions that might have additional benefit to the retailers bottom line.

Innovative Computer Solutions can provide you with refresher on-line training in 1 or 2 hour increments. This training can take any shape - we typically customize it based on your needs and in conjunction with the features (and changes) that compliment those needs. While training is billed hourly, the benefits you receive far surpass the expense. It is also an efficient method of reviewing system changes and can allow you to plan for the future.

Should you want to schedule a short training program, we invite you to contact Support and set a date. It will be an hour or so of time well spent. Well, my car is fixed (and the driver is properly trained), so I’m on my way, until the next service‚Ķ