And The Award Goes To ...

Control +Plus

on 2014-02-28 Tony Pitale wrote

Starting sometime in the year 2000, ICS started to sell our Vision system, to replace our first generation system - Control +Plus. I am guessing some of you did not even know the name of the system you had been using for so many years.

Going back a little further to 1998, we installed our Control +Plus system at Roebling Liquors of Trenton, NJ. By this time, one would think that the pc running as a server would have died. In fact, even the old “green screens” should have burned up by now.

The fact is, the Control +Plus system we installed in 1998 is still running today. When I got the call from Yashesh to visit the store and talk about Vision, I simply refused to believe the system was still in operation. But, there it was, running sales, adding items, updating prices and, to my amazement, the Okidata dot matrix printer was printing shelf tags.

The moral of the story you ask?

Here we have software (and hardware) that has continued to operate for 16 years, without crashing and burning. There have been no updates, no support calls, nothing. To me and my fellow ICSians, this is a testament to the level of expertise we devote to the software we provide to our clients. It also speaks to the loyalty of a client to continue to use our old system, until he decided it was time to upgrade.

Thank you Roebling Liquors and Yashesh for being the poster personification of what ICS stands for.