Adding A New Customer To Vision Is Easy

Employing new scanner technologies

on 2011-03-23 Tony Pitale wrote

It is very interesting to observe how technology continues to move forward. Being immersed in the movement elevates my energy to a whole new level. I am referring to, as an example, the technology that allows our retailers to scan a customer’s driver license at the point of sale. Using older technology, the scanner would read the driver license but we had to parse the scanner output in our Vision application. This meant that for every new state driver license one of our clients encountered, we had to scramble to update Vision for the new state. And we needed an original driver license to be able to accurately develop and test for this new state. Talk about a pain…

Now we have moved to the Honeywell 1900 scanner. Honeywell has built into the scanner the ability to parse any state driver license. All we have to do was tell the scanner how we wanted the output. The result of our programming is the output of a QR code that gets scanned by our retailers when they receive the scanner. They are now prepared to read any state driver license that has a 2-D barcode.

Using this technology, our clients can now verify the age of the customer as well as add new customers very quickly at the point of sale. And our development has been improved by not having to modify Vision for every driver license.

All-in-all, I love this new technology.